Attract visitors & remote workers


To help grow, empower and inspire communities to thrive

Whether your city is growing, shrinking or looking for visitors, our programs amplify efforts and maximize results to solve your needs.


Incentivize people to move to your city or town

Community adaptation strategies to help them feel at home

Boost entrepreneurship opportunities

Boost tourism in your city or town


Attract and Retain

Our unique amplifier’s program is designed not just to attract but to retain workers, remote workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

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Having a consistent marketing strategy is key. Let us show you how to incentivize people to move in an affordable and efficient way.

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Business Development

Attracting workers, entrepreneurs and visitors is crucial to generate jobs, boost the economy, among other benefits.

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Strategic Partners

Our program will develop a network of strategic partners to support and collaborate for your community to thrive

Let us show you how.


With a wide range of strategies and initiatives, we focus on the following: Attracting people to your city and revitalizing your community.

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Our Budget Approach

Our services are carefully developed to meet almost all types of budgets based on your needs, and grow as you see the positive impact of our programs in your community.

Empower your community

Empower your community

Empower your community

Empower your community

Empower your community


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